More Than Just Bait

Rodent bait has one job to do, kill rodents. But it can do so much more.

The bait that we like to use is Contrac with Lumitrack. There are a few things that this bait can do besides just being good bait.

One Reason we use it is because it’s safer. Besides killing rodents from a single feed. This bait also has an antidote in case of accidental ingestion. Other Poisons have no antidote, but if needed Vitimin K1 is readily available from veterinarians and hospitals.

Contrac bait also has a lower risk of secondary poisoning. meaning if an animal eats a rodent that has been poisoned there is a much lower risk that it will have any adverse effects.  Info about secondary poisoning can be found on the following technical sheet from bell labs.


Lumitrack is the thing that really makes this bait stand out among the others, literally. Lumitrack makes this bait black light reactive which helps us quickly find rat droppings and track where the rodents are going after eating the bait. This helps us not only determine where active rodent problems are, but how and where they are gaining access, and how to fix the problem for good.

Here are pictures of a bucket of Contrac with Lumitrack with a few blocks of other bait on top.  Obviously a different color in the day time in full light, but really noticeable when in the dark with a black light on it.

Rat Bait Rat Bait Under Black Light

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