Pavement Ants

pavement ants often come up from the crack in your pavement, hence the name, but when they start come inside, and hanging around the kitchen looking for water and a break from the sun it’s time to get. like all ants it’s important to correctly identify before treating them. some ants can cause or increase structural damage to a home, and others are just a nuisance.


This is at 50x magnification through a pocket microscope attached to my cell phone. I like to take pictures on site.

ants eating bait

Today I treated these pavement ants, and they started to eat the bait within seconds of putting it down. This bait is very attractive to them  and as they bring it back down to their nest it does two things, it signals to the other ants that they found food, and more and come out and eat the bait, and more importantly, the bait is brought back and shared with members of the colony that don’t leave, most importantly being the queen.  Some bait kill ants too quickly and this important sharing of the food never has a chance to happen, in this case the colony is weakened and may appear to be gone, but will come back time and time again and the queen rebuilds. The goal is to kill the queen and get rid of the nest for good.



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