What's bugging you today?


Hi, I’m Gavin, and I’m an exterminator.

I work as a pest control operator here in Bellingham, WA and would like to tell you a little more about myself, G Green inc. Pest Management, and why we do what we do.

Some people, I suppose, are born into the line of work of killing bugs, maybe they come from a long line of exterminators and knew that was going to be their chosen path from the time they could walk.  That’s not me, I got into pest control after many years in a different industry.

I come from a cleaning background. I have owned and continue to operate a carpet cleaning company in Bellingham since 2003. I have been in many aspects of the cleaning industry from carpet and floor care in homes and businesses to house cleaning and janitorial work. In every aspect of cleaning it’s customer service and attention to detail that sets us apart.   I bring top tier service service to solve your pest control needs.

Coming from a cleaning background I would commonly be asked to perform the work of a pest control professional. I regularly was asked “does carpet cleaning take care of fleas?”  It may not have in the past, but it sure can now.  My carpet cleaning company built it’s reputation on being green, and providing healthy home environments. Using integrated pest management, I try to bring that same approach to pest control.

So what’s bugging you today? We can help with everything from spiders to bed bugs and ants to wasps.

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