We specialize in fleas.

To effectively handle a flea infestation we do things a little different. We aim to remove as many fleas, eggs, and flea food from your home before we apply any pesticide.  We do this by vacuuming or optionally steam cleaning the places fleas live. We can use a truck mounted steam cleaner to wash and rinse your carpets and upholstery where fleas like to hide. Not only will this get rid of most of the fleas, but you’ll have clean carpet and upholstery as well.  Once we have cleaned, we go to work not only killing fleas, but making sure they won’t be back.

If you have a pet, we recommend that you bath it with a medicated shampoo while we are working, and remove or launder all pet bedding.

It is important to remember that fleas in a pupal stage of development are very protected from chemical controls. Adult fleas emerge in about 8 days after spinning a cocoon, and then will be affected by our treatment. Steam cleaning and removing as many flea pupae as possible will significantly help,  but you might still find a few fleas in the week following our visit.  This is normal, these adult fleas will be still be affected by our treatment shortly after emerging.

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