Ants live in a highly structured community, if you see a few ants, know that they belong to a colony, and there are several thousand ants hiding somewhere. Because of this we have to treat ants much differently then some other pests.  We want to take care of the entire colony not just the few that are seen.  The process will take a few weeks, but we can make sure the ants are gone, not just staying hidden.

It’s important to know what kind of ants you have as well, ants can be a symptom of deeper problems. I took a picture of this ant at a customers home.

It’s at 50x magnification, and is a moisture ant. These guys built their nest in some rotting wood, brought a lot of moisture into the walls, and caused a lot of damage.

As a pest control professional, besides just “killing the ants” I also, ID the pest, know what’s causing them to think your home is the place to be and can recommend environmental changes to fix the real issue, and using tools like a thermal imaging camera, can find and fix more of the problems. Sometimes you end up paying a lot more in the long run by not hiring a pro.

Hire us to take care of those ants, we're professional!